The Normal Person’s Guide to Coinsurance

Okay, we’re going to interrupt Mary and Billy’s journey to the Maximum Out of Pocket for a brief side trip through coinsurance and copays. Don’t worry – we’ll get there! A coinsurance is simply a set percentage of the allowable that you pay. All done – we now rejoin… wait, you didn’t get that?  …

Why Cost Share Reduction May Mean More Money for You

It sounds like more goobledy gook some insurance salesman dreamed up. Here’s the skinny on what the Cost Share Reduction is and what it may mean to you.

Five Things to Remember About Bronze Level Plans

Number Five: I’m Paying How Much? The actuarial value of a Bronze level plan is 60/40. That gobbledy gook translates to your insurance company expects you to pay about 40% of the cost of covered services. That does NOT include your premium. In reality, the numbers don’t work perfectly – but they are pretty close….